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September 2015

As many of you know, September 2015 was a very exiting month for me. A lot has happend and I am so grateful for everything I received.

The first thing that happened was I received the 2015 Sierra Arts Grants to Artists Music Recipient. This grant was given by the Sierra Arts Foundation. The Sierra Arts Foundation’s mission as a local arts agency since 1971 is to be the region’s premier arts organization with an emphasis on teaching, nurturing and supporting the arts in our community. They strive to provide education opportunities for artists of all ages, as well as development and training, financial support and promotional and marketing assistance. The grant I received can be used for anything to support my art. I am planning to use the grant to go abroad again in the Spring of 2016 to premier another piece.

The seond thing that happend was I received a Professional Development Grant from the Nevada Arts Council to attend the NAfME In-Service Conference Composition Track in Nashville, TN. National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is an organization that supports music education including music composition. This is the only conference of its kind that has a specific track on the subject of music compostion. This will be a great opportunity to meet other composers and learn new skills.

I would like to thank the Sierra Arts Foundation

and the Nevada Arts Council for their generous support in making my music happen.

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