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Music Composition, Music Technology, & Percussion

Looking to take your music composition skills to the next level? Want to finally understand how to use a digital audio workstation (DAW) or music notation program? Or are you looking to improve your percussion skills? Tim Chatwood Music has lessons to help all your musical needs.





     Please use the "contact" link above to find availability.



Looking for a presentation on Music Composition or Music Technology for your music program. Tim can give presentations on a wide range of topics to age groups from elementary to high school. Give your students a first hand look at how to apply skills learned in the classroom to realworld situatiions. 


               Please use the "contact" link above to find out cost and availabilit.

Presentations Notes:
Music Composition Writing Techniques: Using Previous Skills
Helpful Music Technology for a Music Educator



    1/2 Hour $20 
   45 Minutes $30
      1 Hour $40


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