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Suggested Materials

Below is a list of suggested materials and items that will help your percussion education. The items listed are affordable and will allow you to pursue many areas of percussion. All items listed, I personally own and use.


Mallet/Stick Bag:

Marching Stick Bag

Basic or Midsize Bag



Basic Drum Key

Ear Plugs

Tuner / Metronome


Practice Pad:

Evans HQ RealFeel 



Concert Snare Sticks

Marching Snare Sticks

Drumset/Light Sticks



General Keyboard/Yarn

Medium Marimba Mallets





Fundamental Packages:

Innovative percussion make  a number of fundamental packages  consisting of a mallet bag and an assortment of sticks and mallets. These are a great starting point for building percusssion equipment  


Innovative percussion Fundamental Package-Intermediate 

Innovative percussion Fundamental Package-College Primer 

Suggested Method Books: 

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