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 Music Industry/Portfolio


2 credits 
Special Studies in Music Literature– MUS 224 Seciton 
Seminar in Music- MUS 790 Seciton 1005 

Wednesday from 4:00PM to 6:00PM
Location: CFA 134


The course focuses on developing skills important to musicians' success in today's rapidly changing music industry. Musicians often neglect learning about marketing, budgeting, and other related subjects, which can impede the success of their careers. Over the semester, students will learn real-world skills to help them share their art in the contemporary marketplace.


Topics Covered:


Artist Image
Artist Portfolio
Press kits
Bio and CV Writing
Social Media 
Budget Making
Finding Funding
Performance Documentation
Music Organizations

There will also be a number of guest speakers that are working in the music industry sharing their experiences. 

Who Should Take This Class?
Musicians, composers performers, engineers, producers, or anyone that has an interest in making a living in the music industry.


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