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Skip a Cup for a Day Campaign!!



Hi Everyone,
As many of you know the pursuit of new music can be an expensive one. New projects not only take a large amount of time but also require financial support. There are a number of projects that I would love to see happen during the spring of 2016. Some of them are heading into the recording studio to have some of my pieces professionally recorded and to hold a new music recital. These projects do need financial backing that I personally do not have at this time.


Rather than launching a large kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, I have come up with a new fundraising idea. During the month of December and January, skip getting coffee for one day and donate to my Skip a Cup for a Day Campaign. Your donation of $5.00 will help support my upcoming project for the spring of 2016. $5.00 many not seem like a lot but a number of smaller donations can quickly add up. Everyone can support the creation of new music.

I greatly appreciate your support in making my projects come to life.

Thank You and thank you for supporting new music.

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