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Web Widgets Demo


IIn this Demo, I will be showing you how you can use Web Widgets Demo to help share your music and receive payments for goods and services.

Widgets Used: Vimeo, Soundcloud, Document Viewer and Paypal.

Brick!!!! for Bass Trombone and Effects

Brick!!!! for bass trombone and effects is a solo that explores the wide range and articulation of the bass trombone. The bass trombone is an instrument that most don’t see as a soloistic instrument, but has many characteristics that make it a very versatile instrument. The use of effects only adds to the instrument’s variety of timbres. Written in an aggressive style similar to that of a bass guitar takes the listener on a ride of dynamic and articulation expression


  $25.00                                                      Sample Score 

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PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Monster in Room 13 for Mixed Ensemble

Program Notes:

Behind some doors, a monster can live. Their existence is spread by the words of others. Monster in Room 13 for mix ensemble tells the story of a possible monster living in that room. The use of different timbres and both high and low voices helps give the feeling that something could be 

behind that door.


  $50.00                                                      Sample Score 

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